Lindner Lunar – Living ceilings

14.01.13 – The aesthetics of surface gain more and more in importance. The times of plain surfaces are gone: new, living effects are in great demand. People desire structured surfaces that are touchable and conceivable. Lindner perfectly realises this surface trend.

Lindner Lunar brings the design of ceilings info focus. The colours and shapes of every room are reflected and fragmented in the three-dimensional structures of the high-gloss, hammered surface. Thus, the room is a vibrant spectacle that never ceases to amaze the people walking through. Thanks to the trendsetting optics and living effects of this creative surface design, for example the shopping centre Tsvetnoy Central Market is rated as one of the best shopping centres worldwide by being honoured with the awards “EuroShop Retail Design Award 2012“ and “Best Interior Design Award 2011“.

This promising surface of high quality can also be admired in “The International Surface Yearbook” where all surface structures and effects are included that are consistent with the trend of the time. According to Internationale Zeitschrift und Schriftenreihe für Architektur, Surface has become much more than what the mere word can describe; it has significant influence on the architectural avantgarde serving as a confidential reference guide.

The impressive surface Lindner Lunar is on the cover of “Interior Trends 2013” – a special edition of “The International Surface Yearbook 2013”. This is another proof that this living surface design is on the pulse of the time.