Upgraded design and performance

25.02.13 – Aesthetics and design play a decisive role in modern interior decoration. Individual and extraordinary solutions are in demand that set standards in ceiling design. The fact that acoustics play an often underestimated role in spatial planning becomes painfully obvious if you cannot help but overhear every single word of your colleagues next door. Choosing the innovative canopy ceiling LMD-DS 360 HELIX, neither design nor the acoustic performance has to be relinquished.

This sophisticated » Lindner canopy ceiling perfectly combines aesthetics and functional aspects. Twisted edges create special effects due to a specific edging technology. The edges make the surface appear to be deferred in the opposite direction. Moreover, the canopy ceiling is used as a sound regulating interior fit-out component and significantly improves the acoustics in your room. After all, acoustics not only significantly influence the employees’ performance, but also enhance their motivation and their sense of well-being. The perforated surface of the canopy ceiling combined with a special sound-absorbing inlay makes sure the sound quality is tailored to your needs.

Emphasize the excellent acoustic performance of HELIX with discreet accent lighting. Punctual cones of light on the surrounding area, created by optionally integrated LED spots on the twisted edges, even add to this effect.

Our wide range of surfaces additionally extends your individual freedom of design: besides all RAL and NCS colours, the design of your desired canopy ceiling can be perfected with different decors or images.