Family Business

In 1965, Hans Lindner founded a small installation company – the future Lindner Group was born. Soon, the Company evolved. It grew bigger, maximised its performance and increased its market share. However, one thing never changed: Lindner was and is still a family-owned business.

Respectfulness, commitment and open-mindedness are the backbones of our daily business. We believe in the effectiveness of flat hierarchies and direct communication to create a dynamic environment that offers plenty of opportunities to take an active role in the development of our Company.

We have faith in your abilities!

Lindner gives all of their employees the opportunity to contribute to the Company's success. We motivate our employees, blue-collar workers to CEOs, to constantly make suggestions for improvement and to help implement their solutions. We take our employees’ ideas seriously and are not afraid to combine forces and break fresh ground.

Lindner wants to prepare young people to take responsibility so that they naturally assume leadership. Small departments within the Company proved to be a successful means to promote self-management and business acumen – and the best way to provide our clients with the best service! After all, it is the staff that maintain the premium quality of our brand – they develop and promote our products and all related processes in the interests of the client.

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