Fire Protection for Modernisations - TIPmotion® in the Media Academy

In order to bring the ARD.ZDF Media Academy in Nuremberg in line with the latest state of the art in regard of fire protection, the facilities' hallways and escape routes have been retrofitted with 450 sqm of Lindner Fire Protection Ceilings type LMD F30 TIPmotion®.

Before the renovation works started, a comprehensive situation analysis was carried out by the project management to get a picture of the buildings characteristics. As a part of this, the substructures for the fire protection ceilings and other constructive challenges have been solved in advance. The Media Academy features numerous hallway combinations and connections that had to be considered in the ceiling construction: hallway enlargements, frieze connections and central suspensions saw use in the course of this project.

The key decision factors in favour of the Lindner Fire Protection ceiling system type LMD F30 TIPmotion® had been the quick, easy and toolless access to the ceiling void. Some hallways run at a slight incline, which required a constructive ceiling solution that ensures flawless function of the tip mechanism for every single ceiling element. An additional safety catch prevents the elements from sliding down the incline.

This Lindner Fire Protection Ceiling System does not only offer protection with a resistance class of F30 acc. to DIN 4102-2, it also improves the Media Academy´s acoustics through perforations. The hallwas are illuminated by its integrated luminaires type T38/20 for metal fire protection ceilings. A total of 65 of these specular louvre luminaires have been fitted with the ceilings. By choosing integrated lighting solutions by Lindner, it can be ensured that there are no differences in colour between the luminaire and the ceiling element, while typical interface-related problems such as tolerances or damages in assembly are avoided all together.

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