Fire Protection

With the correct construction fire regulation you reduce potential risks and take important precautionary measures. Our effective insulation products fulfil the highest safety standards and hinder the spread of fire.

We implement special solutions for industrial and structural facilities, hard and soft partitions in mechanical services and spray coatings in operational facilities. At the same time our project management team provides you with everything from the area of passive fire regulation for operational and mechanical services. Why not get some advice from our trained, experienced fire regulation specialists.

Our range includes:

  • Fire regulation for ventilation systems
  • Fire regulation for flammable/non-flammable pipelines
  • Cable partitions
  • Electric cable conduits
  • Fire regulation for steel structures
  • Fire regulation for solid ceilings

Lindner has been awarded the RAL Gütezeichen Brandschutz (RAL Fire Protection Quality Seal) for construction and is a member of the Wirtschaftsverband Brandschutz e.V. (Registered Trade Association for Fire Protection).

Wirtschaftsverband Brandschutz e.V

RAL Gütezeichen