Operating Theatre Air Technology

Lindner ventilation components tick all the boxes when it comes to keeping your operating room free of particles and germs. We can equip all areas of operating room air technology with the necessary ventilation components – from easy to clean exhaust shafts to overflow grilles for wall installation.

Air Flow Grilles

No matter what requirements you have:

  • Various materials
  • Adjustable free sections
  • Capability of filters being integrated

Air Flow Grilles

Antisept, Fibresept, Variovent, Lamelle, Radiasorb

Construction:Integration in partition cut-out, free section up to 80 % 
Surface: Powder coated acc. to RAL or NCS or smoothed stainless steel 
Options: Fins, perforation, adjustable perforation, filter elements, radiation protection 

Exhaust Shafts

Customized solutions for every kind of application:

  • Various materials including glass
  • Easy to clean – also on the inside
  • Can be integrated in every Lindner partition system

Exhaust Shafts

Exhaust Shaft

Construction:Integration in partition cut-out, with door on front side 
Surface: Powder coated acc. to RAL or NCS or powder coated stainless steel 
Options: 1 or 2 filter elements, throttle butterfly, variable dimenstions 


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