Insulation and Industrial Service

Lindner undertakes major projects worldwide in all areas of insulation technology and industrial services. From pre-planning through to project completion Lindner is your partner of choice. The Company’s extensive manufacturing capability enables quality to be strictly maintained whilst allowing maximum flexibility to meet individual project requirements. Environmental considerations are fundamental to all Lindner’s business principles. Through partnerships with clients Lindner turns concepts into reality.

Ensuring that what belongs inside remains inside.
Lindner Insulation and Industrial Services.

Whether you require an efficient heat insulation or whether you are looking for suitable cryogenic insulation, noise control or fire protection as part of a complex special project: We offer innovative services for allyour needs.

Your sophisticated ideas are a welcome challenge for us – we can develop the perfect solution for your project. just talk to us.

Innovation for both people and the environment.

With our many years of experience we make an economically and ecologically valuable contribution to the insulation sector – maximum efficiency for our customers and for nature.