Clearance of Harmful Substances

For healthy living and working.

Constructions once considered safe are oftentimes found to cause chronic illnesses. A large number of hazardous material is installed in many buildings but hidden from view. A thorough refurbishment will provide you with a healthy living and working environment and will restore the ‘feel good’ factor in your rooms.

Lindner removes asbestos, PCB, PCP, DDT, PAC, formaldehyde, mineral wool, mould and many more by using the latest technology and referring to our comprehensive specialist knowledge in this field.

The company also » dismantles whole buildings right down to their shell. We remove all the structures – floors, windows, doors and furniture – and give those that are still in good condition to non-profit organisations.

Being a founding member of the German Association for Asbestos Removal (FAS), we attach great importance to your safety and ours when removing hazardous material.


Clearance of Harmful Substances
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