Lindner Reinraumtechnik at the IRAN PHARMA

Lindner Reinraumtechnik GmbH, being the specialist for clean rooms, laboratories and operating theatres, participated together with associates from Germany, Austria and Spain for the first time during September 12th and 14th at the Iran Pharma Expo in Teheran.

Having over 400 booths and nearly 30,000 visitors 2016, the Iran Pharma has developed to one of the most important fairs in the Middle East. It gives international producers, service companies and scientists an insight in pharmaceutical sectors, the chance to meet international exhibitors and see professionals from around the world, helping in the process of achieving market share in the Middle East.

Despite the sanctions and the political situation, Iran is attractive to foreign investors due to its population of 80 million, with Germany being one of the main trading partners from Europe. Machines, groceries and pharmaceutical products belong to the most important exports. Even though, Iran has its own pharma industry with around 100 local pharmaceutical manufacturers and around 400 medical research facilities, the country has a big interest in cooperating with international companies and their neighbouring countries in the Middle East. Iran’s years of isolation has been governed by their own regulations and certifications. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies in the Iranian market who are intending to export must also build according to GMP (classification for clean room products). This can only be achieved by specialised companies, such as the Lindner Reinraumtechnik.

On the joint booth with the Austrian Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH from Villach, Berner International GmbH, Martin Christ Gefriertrocknungsanlagen GmbH, hib from Spain and pph from Germany Lindner Reinraumtechnik established contacts and met potential new business partners, as well as collecting important impressions for future projects in Iran and in the neighbouring countries.

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