Lindner Objektdesign accentuates the Steintor-Campus branch library

The newly built Steintor-Campus library of the Martin-Luther-University is a substantial part of the centre for arts and social sciences. Before its opening in October 2015, Lindner Objektdesign GmbH fitted the central atrium with wooden wall claddings.

The new library building is situated centrally between other facilities on the campus of Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg. It contains over 800,000 works that are kept in two "book storages" with a usable area of 4,600 sqm. In order to offer its visitors suitable places for working and learning, the library also features 150 reading places, ten individual workstations, a compact magazine area and three PC pools, each consisting of 30 workplaces.

The two "book storages" are actually two sections of the building. Both can be explored by taking the central stairway in the atrium. This stairway takes visitors to the upper levels and it also serves as a bridge between the two sections, thanks to its intermediate levels. In order to create a visual barrier between the entrance area and the actual library areas, wooden wall claddings were fitted to the atrium walls. The interplay of the book storages' solid construction and the spacious gaps inbetween creates the appearance of a sturdy frame, protecting the books inside. With these gaps and a glazed roof construction, natural light is able to illuminate the atrium and even the aisles of the library. LED technology is used as a compensation whenever natural light would not suffice.

By adding wooden elements, the clear, even plain architecture has been enriched with warm accents. In order to improve acoustics in the library at the same time, the elements have been perforated. Furthermore, the open-space staff offices situated on the ground floor have been fitted with sound-absorbing glass partitions, shielding them from the everyday noise generated by passing visitors.

The entirety of wooden wall claddings and glass partitions was fitted as a special construction by Lindner Objektdesing GmbH.

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