Save energy, save money and protect the environment.

Implementing sustainable projects means realising future-proof ideas ecologically, socially and economically. How can we achieve this?

TIPCHECK is a seal of quality and a standardized way of evaluating the technical insulation performance of an industrial installation. The certified TIPCHECK engineers of Linder provide clients with an independent report on the state of their insulation.

The name TIPCHECK is a combination of "Technical Insulation Performance" and "Check". A TIPCHECK is a tool and method to quantify the amount of energy and actual euros a facility is losing with the current in-place insulation system and demostrates how a more efficient system could:

  • Save energy
  • Improve process control and efficiency
  • Save money
  • Contribute to a cleaner environment through reduced emissions
  • Reduce safety risks to personnel

A TIPCHECK is not intended to be a full system analysis. However, it always tends to identify the spots bearing the highest energy saving potential and offering a rapid payback time. It is virtually impossible to inventory all process piping in a facility due to the complexity of some systems. The scope of a typical TIPCHECK usually includes un-insulated lines, insulated lines and speciality equipment. The installations proposed promise a rapid payback time of most often one year or even less.

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