Clinic Slatina

Special project usually require special solutions. Vojislav Popovic, Regional Manager of Lindner d.o.o. Beograd, went on a completely new path in order to execute a new Healthcare Center with Hotel Facilities in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Health Resort Slatina is located in the spa region Slatina in the Republic Sprska, a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This large hotel complex with adjacent therapy center is divided into six buildings: four pavilions in star-shaped formation, featuring 96 rooms and 16 apartments overall; a building that serves as an entrance, restaurant and base for facility management and administration; as well as the therapy center with pool and sauna facilities. All areas are served with hot water from the thermal source. The total area of the complex amounts to 7,500 sqm plus exterior areas of 6,400 sqm. The rooms have been fitted with a "smart room system" that provides a modern control system vor energy expenditure, heating and air conditioning as well as communication and security functions. Generally, all aspects of the construction - ranging from interior fit-out, to the facade and roof structure - show high-quality materials and modern design.

The Regional Manager of Lindner Beograd, Vojislav Popovic, came up with the idea to offer the client not only the general contracting, but also the prefinancing of the project. Through this approach, the project could be completed within 48 months, including all works: shell construction, electrical engineering, HVAC, fit-out, landscaping, road infrastructure. An extension of the therapy center is planned, with a conference hall and additional facilities, totalling to an area of 900 sqm. The opening of the whole complex is scheduled for 2017.

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