IHK Energy Scout Project at Lindner

Two apprentices of Lindner Group´s Production Division started the first Energy Scout Projekt at Lindner and achieved extraordinary success.

With the further training certificate 'Energy Scout', the IHK (German Chamber of Commerce) seeks to sensitize apprentices for the topic of Energy Efficiency. Two production apprentices of Lindner also took part in the 2-day seminar followed by a 3-month project phase, which had them identify and implement measures of energy optimization. While doing so, the two were supported by a mentor. When they undertook an air pressure analysis in the flooring pedestal production, a severe loss of pressure creaded by leakage was found. The leaks have then been removed and new hose connectors installed, resulting in a reduction of costs related to pressure loss by 75 %. The Jury of the IHK Lower Bavaria acknowledged this outcome with an invitation to Berlin for the prize ceremony of the best Energy Scouts. 

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