New Centre for Training and Further Education of the Phoenix Contact Group

The new Professional Education Center offers 13,000 sqm with state-of-the-art workshops, training laboratories and seminar rooms for about 400 trainees, students and 15,000 employees worldwide. Depending on specific demands, the rooms have been fitted with Lindner hollow floors or raised floors and various surface coatings.

The globally acting electrical engineering Phoenix Contact developed a multi-storey Education Center in Schieder-Schwalenberg, close to its company headquarters. These facilities, which house the education programmes of about 14,000 employees each year, are also used by local educational institutions and the Chamber of Commerce.

The purpose of invididual areas within the building had an influence on the choice of the flooring solution, which was between the Lindner hollow and raised floor systems NORTEC and FLOOR and more® in several variations and with diverse surface coatings. The fitting team of Lindner installed a particularly strong substructure in the workshop area, whose flooring was applied with resistant PVC coating. Heavily frequented areas such as hallways and offices feature needle felt as a finish. For particularly representative areas such as the entrance area, the architectural office Brandstetter in Bad Pyrmont chose bespoke natural stone or parquet, respectively, in combination with FLOOR and more® hollow floors that provide sufficient space for various installations and technical appliances.

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