NORIT Fire Protection Boards - flexible, safe, rigid

As of May 2017, the former NORIT Industrial Board has been available as NORIT Fire Protection Board. This facilitates not only the customer´s choice for the right product and their comparison within the product categories, it also emphasizes the advantages of this versatile gypsum fibre board by Lindner GFT.

The homogenous, rigid NORIT Fire Protection Boards are fitted perfectly for applications; such as high-quality real-wood veneer or HPL. Further treatments such as perforations, colouring or hydrophobic impregnation allow for uses in various areas, including wet areas, while maintaining their resiliency and meeting highest demands on fire and noise protection. Furthermore, the non-combustible (A1) boards are non-hazardous in regard of construction biology while improving the room climate.

The boards are produced with recycled FDG gypsum and cellulose fibre from waste paper. At the same time, they are perfectly suitable for versatile demans in the interior fit-out, including ceilings, floors and walls, with numerous standard formats on stock. Lindner GFT also offers custom cuts and board strengths of 10 to 50 mm. Having an own production facility with adjacent sales and customer centre in Dettelbach, Germany, individual pieces with even higher qualities are possible, for example flexible and shapable boards in custom scales. It is the aspiration of Lindner GFT GmbH to offer ist customers the best possible solution in regard of economics, ecology and technology for all fields of application.

Lindner GFT develops, produces and sells gypsum fibre and dry construction products. The production site at Dettelbach comprises an area of 25,000 sqm filled with state-of-the-art production facilities. Thanks to a unique production process, highest quality and reliability are guaranteed. Innovative production technologies allow for ecologically optimal production. The technological improvement of products as well as the continuous optimization of production processes are carried out in favour of the customer. At present, a staff of 210 is responsible for excellent processing, economy and constant high quality.

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