Sustainability through and through

Lindner Group´s production site for wooden doors in Ostrov has recently been certified acc. to FSC® by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH, making it the fourth time in total. In this way, a transparent and sustainable production chain from the tree to the finished wooden doors is always guaranteed.

The use of certified woods from sustainably worked forests has already become a basic requirement for partaking in national and international markets. The demand for products from sustainable production with integration of ecological and social aspects is not only limited to consumer, a raise in awareness is also noticeable in the Construction Sector. Common building assessment systems like LEED, DGNB or Breeam stipulate a FSC® certification when using the material wood. Public builders, including the federal state Berlin as a pioneer, are going to tighten their requirements and will only accept woods from traceably legal and sustainable sources in the future. Furthermore, a certification also offers a quicker and more efficient project and product documentation, while providing economical, ecological and social product advantages for the sales phase.

By maintaining the FSC® certification at the Ostrov site, Lindner Group underlines its general sustainable orientation according to the Value Principle: “Sustainable Action with Responsibility for the next Generation”.

Lindner Türen-Fassaden s.r.o. is certified according to FSC® in the following scope:
Procurement of veneer woods, wood-slab materials, wooden laminate slabs, wooden materials, solid woods (FSC® 100%, FSC® Mix, FSC® Controlled Wood, FSC® Recycled) as well as production and selling of door leafs, door frames and panels (FSC® Mix) - percentage system.

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