Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research – a challenging application for Lindner

Centrepiece of the new precision laboratory in Stuttgart is the test hall with eleven boxes, in which various experiments are executed. They were fitted with fibre glass armour instead of classical reinforced concrete to prevent electromagnetic charges.

Around the boxes: NORTEC raised floors made of calcium sulphate

The floor systems in the test hall were equipped with an antistatic textile coating. This prevents uncontrollable discharges, which can interfere with the measurements.

A challenging part of the implementation was the enormous installation density in this area: pipes for electric, gas, cooling, measurement data; in addition, extinguishing unit, storage, collection and retarding container for liquids.

In the boxes: NORTEC raised floors and Plafotherm® K 420 heating and cooling ceilings

The system floors renounced any ferromagnetic materials in some of the boxes.

The implemented Plafotherm® heated/chilled ceilings (clip-in type) were fitted with magnetic cooling registers to guarantee the dismantling of single panels without interrupting the heating/cooling circuit. Also very interesting: The chilled ceiling system was applied as wall cladding on a small area.

In contrast to high technical requirements, the large scale and colourful design of the precision laboratory is an outstanding feature – a simple but very effective measure to make the sterile test room a comfortable working environment.

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