Air/Water Chilled Ceilings

Plafotherm® Air Chilled and Air/Water Chilled Ceilings guarantee adequate temperature control as well as excellent air quality and movement which are necessary to create comfortable indoor conditions. Fresh air can comfortably be transported into the room without any draft effects. Micro-perforated ceiling panels ensure a constant level of air distribution.

The ceiling panels can additionally be equipped with high-performance heating and cooling registers to meet even the highest of your requirements. Use air/water chilled ceilings wherever you want: in cinemas or lecture halls, meeting rooms or auditoriums, and of course in offices, museums and common areas.

Plafotherm® LU - Air Chilled Ceiling

We offer you the possibility to carry out almost all closed ceiling systems like Post Cap Ceiling, Hook-On and Corridor Ceilings, Cassette Ceilings and Expanded Metal Ceilings as Air Chilled Ceilings.

Plafotherm® LUW - Air/Water Chilled Ceiling

Key benefits arise for you by combining a classical water cooling ceiling with mechanical ventilation. We implement a maximum user comfort, as well as high cooling capacities, that leave nothing to be desired. Disturbing drafts are definitely over. This is enabled by the low air movement and the inflow of air through the ceiling perforation. Furthermore, the ensured minimum air change contributes significantly to the improvement of the air quality in the room.

The cooled additional air chills the plenum accomplished metal ceiling completely and provides heat radiating surfaces, which are significantly contribute to cover the peak cooling load. Due to the combination with the power of the rear-mounted cooling elements, specific outputs up to 200 W/m² can be realised easily. The gap for exhausted air is located in the area of the facade to retain the solar entry already at the place of origin and to avoid an unnecessary increase of the cooling load. The design and dimension of the system is object-related and in coordination with the other trades.