Lights on!

In mid January 2017, a part of Lindner Group reinvented itself and started with a new name: IWS Lichttechnik GmbH changed its name to Leuchtenfabrik GmbH and merged with Lindner AG´s division Lights and Luminaires.

The standard range of Lindner luminaires and custom lighting solutions for projects of all sizes around the world are being produced at the site of the former subsidiary IWS Lichttechnik in Mettenbach near Landshut as well as in the production facilities of Lindner AG in Arnstorf.

The main emphasis of the product range lies on ready-to-connect panel and surface mounted light fixtures with efficient LED technology: ranging from project-specific solutions and freely configurable light channels to workplace lamps framelessly integrated in metal ceilings and downlights, including extremely flat panel-mounts for fire protection ceilings and large luminous ceilings as well as elegant pendular lights for workplaces. The range is extended by specialised variants for clean rooms, laboratories and operating theatres, meeting utmost demands on visibility.

Architects, planners and builders profit from numerous years of expertise and innovative developments with high production depth, including an electronics workshop and in-house measurements of light and spectral distribution. Through widespread competences of Lindner Group in interior fit-out and facade construction, interfaces in regard of technology and organisation are effectively minimized. Apart from positive quality aspects, the customer also gains advantages connected with cost and schedule security for projects.

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