Lindner illuminates the Vietnamese parliament in Hanoi

In the end of 2014, the new National Assembly in Hanoi, Vietnam was re-opened. The plenary hall of the building is lit by a spectacular light dome manufactured by Lindner Group.

The dome ceiling is one of the main characteristics of the new National Assembly Hall in Hanoi. It spans over an area of 950 sqm and consists of 4,500 LED elements and 9,400 glass panes, arranged in 34 rings. The plenary hall itself is located in the centre of the building, its circular form contrasting the square shape of the surrounding building parts. According to Vietnamese symbolism, this interplay reflects heaven and earth.

In 2012, Lindner Group was contracted with the development and construction of the dome ceiling. Together with the German architectural office von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, which was also responsible for the overall design, Lindner developed a customised system with special LED luminaires that met the high demands on appearance and acoustics.

The detailed planning phase began in the end of 2013, together with the construction of first mock-ups and the composition of a concept for the integrated luminaires. By choosing Multi-Chip-LEDs with a warm light color of 2,700 Kelvin, numerous requirements regarding illumination could be met. While the satined glass panes of the ceilings are lit only slightly, the stipulated minimum illuminance levels of the plenary hall have been met. The individual light spots of the ceiling are mounted with an installation that allows fitting and removal without tools, which facilitates these processes. Furthermore, the ceilings are based on a push-fit system that prevents polarity reversal and enables the connection of DALI units.

After the approval of the mock-up in May 2014, Lindner began with the production and the coordination of transport and fitting works. The customized ceilings were delivered within a period of eight weeks after the approval. Apart from the dome ceiling, this order also included hook-on ceilings that cover the surroundings of the dome. Both systems are designed earthquake-proof and acoustically active, thanks to their perforation. The trapezoidal hook-on system covers an area of 1,200 sqm and completes the stunning appearance of the plenary hall in the new National Assembly Hall in Hanoi.

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