From system solutions to special solutions, the majority of our products are made in-house.

With production facilities in numerous countries we ensure that our products are available quickly and that we can carry out all necessary sheet metal forming for you in our workshops within the shortest period of time.

For us, “Building New Solutions” also means delivering tailored products & service of the highest possible quality. We guarantee you complete support tailored to your needs including a detailed breakdown of costs and will gladly analyse where you can make your greatest savings, both in energy efficiency as well as financially.


Quality, accuracy of fit and precision form the base for efficient insulation. Extensive skills and experience make us your partner for prefabricated sheet metal constructions.

Whether a standard product, individual isometrics or high material requirements: We manufacture a variety of designs for you for any purpose – according to your requirements.

Our production facilities comply with the latest technology. Due to this, we are able to submit fastest possible a competitive offer and deliver the prefabricated sheet metal constructions on time to the place of destination.

The collection on site is also possible at all times.


With Noise Mastic you kill two birds with one stone.

The loading compound is the first choice as anti-drumming coating suitable for every kind of sheet metal constructions. Classified to DIN EN 13501-1 fire protection class A2 “non flammable”, Noise Mastic convinces furthermore with outstanding fire protection properties.

Lindner Noise Mastic has successful means to fight structure-borne sound. Independent of the ambient temperature, the coating achieves the best results on galvanized sheet steel, untreated V2A stainless or aluminium.

Even thin layers efficiently meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 6721-3. We gladly customize the sheet and coating thickness for your individual project. Then several disturbing humming noises are a thing of the past!