Lindner Maritime Metal Ceiling Systems

Bavarian skies across the world's seas.

Lindner has extensive development, production and service resources in the field of metal ceiling systems. Our decades of experience are also apparent in all our ship fit-out systems. We fulfil highest industrial standards.

Lindner Maritime Fire Protection Ceilings B15-A30 and B0-A15

Our LMD-E 312 M system meets the increased fire protection requirements in shipbuilding. With its large-scale elements and jointless panel connections, this IMO-tested fire protection ceiling can span up to 1,500 mm and create an especially homogeneous ceiling surface. This ceiling system was originally developed for ship corridors but is also ideal for larger rooms.

The individual ceiling panels can be dismantled separately without tools, which saves operation time and reduces costs. The standard panel width of 600 mm provides spacious access to the ceiling cavity without separate access hatches. The prefabricated panels are attached easily and quickly, particularly during the final stage of shipbuilding, which is often a key benefit.

Lindner Maritime Decorative Metal Ceiling Systems "C"

Lindner metal ceilings are an excellent choice for use on ships. Our suspended profiles can be used flexibly and give you wide-ranging design freedoms. If you choose an economic cassette ceiling system, you have the choice between different grid formats and rely on these tried-and-tested systems. Ceiling elements reinforced with COMP+ technology provide you with especially large panel formats while maintaining fully plane surfaces. Lindner installation systems can be configured to meet your needs. We also offer all metal ceilings with tried-and-tested Lindner perforations to achieve specific acoustics. Varied surface options ranging from powder lacquer to digital printing and foil coating STYLEline leave nothing to be desired and will win you over.