Acoustics Experts in Exchange

Experts from the areas industry, science, commerce and craftswork met in late June on the occasion of the 13th Akustik-Forum Raum und Bau (Space and Construction) at the Fraunhofer Institute for Construction Physics in Stuttgart. Gregor Kamps of GiB GmbH held a presentation on the topic "acoustical requirements on open-space environments from practical application"

The journal Trockenbau Akustik and the Fraunhofer Institute started this event in the evening before the main part with themed tours through the technology centre of the hosting institute. These tours were enriched by a walk through the neighbouring Centre for Virtual Engineering with a demonstration on "Virtual Reality in Buildings". The sociable part of the evening took place in the foyer of the Institute. This is where the sponsors of the event presented themselves, while first informal exchanges took place between producers, speakers and guests.

The main topic "Office acoustics" of the event was presented on 23 June 2017 through several speakers with intriguing insights from theory and practical application. The first speaker was Gregor Kamps, Head of Workplace Strategy at GiB Gesellscahft für innovative Bautechnologie mbH, who showcased the development of various office trends to its current state with open structures; and how to implement smart room and acoustic concepts in this framework. Further speakers gave insights into the practical application of new guidelines and measurment evaluations such as the VDI Guideline 2569. Apart from the influences on planning, a lot of information was also given about recent psychological and cognitive findings in the areas psychoacoustics and ergonomy. The event found its end in a lively discussion and exchange between the speakers and the guests.

The Participant´s Quality Check of the event resulted in best grades given by the some 90 guests for the presentation of Kamps. The currency, practice-orientation and liveliness surely played a major role in this context.

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