The floor has always been an essential part of a highly specified room. Whether in a conference room or in the modern office, parquet floors make you feel good. Lindner parquet floors are manufactured from solid wood to the highest quality standards and are particularly durable and comfortable to walk on. The combination of a range of woods, designs and finishes means that all ideas are possible.

Raised floor systems with WOODline

At our raised floor systems NORTEC and LIGNA the edge trim is fitted to the top edge of the parquet, so that no moisture can penetrate into the parquet itself. The colour of the edge trim is supplied in the same colour as the parquet, making the joint between the panels and the edge trim itself barely visible.

Hollow floor with WOODline

The installation of a FLOOR and more® WOODline is easy and efficient: the parquet is already factoryapplied and just has to be sanded and sealed on site.

Types of wood

Maple, bamboo, steamed bamboo, steamed beech, light beech, oak, smoked oak, ash, olive ash, jatoba, cherry, merbau, walnut and teak. These wood types are only a small selection from our range. Other types of wood are available on request.

As with all natural products, wood differs in colour and structure. Screen colours cannot reproduce the colour of the parquet exactly, therefore small differences might occur.

The wooden surfaces are offered oiled or varnished.

Types of Designs

Opt between different coverings.


Advantages of varnished finishes:

  • Extremely hard surface
  • Highly wear resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistant against bacteria and microorganisms

Advantages of oiled finishes:

  • Low maintenance
  • Damage through use is easy to resolve
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Maintains natural surface structure


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