FLOOR and more® arena

The construction of tiered levels in cinemas and concert and lecture halls is always a challenge. We consolidated our experiences from numerous international projects into the development of FLOOR and more® arena. Solid and at the same time quick to install, comparatively lightweight but yet carrying a high load capacity, largely prefabricated but likewise extremely flexible – this floor system is a match for every challenge.

Calcium sulphate planks make all the difference; classified to fire performance A1, "non-combustible", preventing any drum effect when walking and acoustically effective, FLOOR and more® arena adjusts itself to every type of installation, whether the subfloor is level, sloping or stepped. Radial or polygonal tiering, or a version using the floor plenum for ventilation, are also available.

Product features:

  • Non combustible, A1 material, with high load-bearing capacity
  • Floor plenum can be modified for ventilation purposes
  • Quick installation thanks to high degree of prefabrication
  • Substructure and planks from in-house production

FLOOR and more® arena - Typical areas of use

  • Cinemas
  • Concert and lecture halls
  • Training rooms


The substructure of the FLOOR and more® arena system consists of pre-fabricated steel profiles which are simply screwed together on site.

The substructure can be installed on even as well as on sloped concrete subfloors. Also an already existing stepped subfloor is no problem.The substructure is installed directly on the subfloor.

The most different forms of subfloors are considered with the design. However, an acoustical decoupling can be considered with the design and installation.

The parts of the substructure can be corrosion-protected in different ways acc. to the requirements to the corrosion protection. The available protections range from simple corrosion protection primer and galvanic zinc coatings to hot-dip galvanisation.

System accessories

  • Electrical outlets
  • Bridging profiles
  • Transitions
  • Expansion joints
  • Air ventilation outlets
  • Facing
  • Cavity barriers
  • Revision openings


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