We offer individual freedom of design with a wide range of standard and special perforations. Metal ceilings are acoustically effective thanks to a combination of perforation and sound-absorbing inlays. Various perforation designs and patterns can be realised to be able to meet your acoustical and optical demands.

Standard Perforations

Our large range of different standard perforations is available for you.

Hole shapes: Round holes, square holes, slotted round holes, slotted square holes, elliptic holes (expanded metal sheet look)
Material: Steel, aluminium, stainless steel
Arrangement: In straight pitch, in diagonal pitch 45°, in diagonal pitch 60°
Hole size: 0.7 mm to 24 mm

Special Perforations

We can realise special individual perforations thanks to modern in-house manufacturing plants.

Hole shapes: Individual perforations
Material: Steel, aluminium, stainless steel
  Scattered perforation, image perforation, radial arrangement of perforation
Hole size: Individual


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