Structured Surfaces

Structured surfaces impress with the three-dimensional character, creating unique and vivid effects. Profit from the trendsetting combination of design and function and create highly varied optics in your rooms. Thus, your ceilings are a real highlight.

TOUCHdesign - 3D Surface

A vivid alternative to plane surfaces

  • Versatile three-dimensional optics
  • Different shapes and dimensions regarding stampings and perforations available
  • Suitable for interior and exterior areas

TOUCHdesign Lunar - 3D high-gloss Surface

The room is a vibrant spectacle thanks to this surface

  • Hammered stainless steel
  • Reflective high-gloss surface
  • Colours and shapes of the room are reflected and fragmented
  • Three-dimensional effects

TOUCHdesign Venas - 3D Structured Surface

Individual design variant in leaf vein structure

  • Coating spreads netlike in fine lines
  • Possible with plain metal ceiling panels
  • Depending on the light irradiation, matt and shiny spots are created
  • Individual structures make every ceiling panel unique

TOUCHdesign Viva - 3D Expanded Metal Surface

Unique design by individually folded expanded metal

  • Irregular, vivid structure of expanded metal
  • Series of unique specimen, individual design
  • Various types of meshes, mesh sizes and geometries
  • Surface structure on demand with high open area
  • Incidence of light creates variation of appearance
  • Combination with light solutions on the rear side


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