Deconstruction and Gutting

The number of refurbishments of existing buildings in Germany is steadily growing. The gutting or partial gutting of these buildings is the first step towards modernisation. Lindner Deconstruction and Gutting takes on the complete, environmental friendly revitalisation of your property from one source.

The company has many years of experience in deconstruction and the
» clearance of harmful substances and fitted out the » complete interior of numerous small and large-scale projects.

We handle the entire planning and coordination before and during deconstruction and interior fit-out, harmonise all trades and ensure that your project will be delivered on time and on budget.

Many successfully completed, innovative refurbishments and a material recycling quota of up to 98% prove that we continually extend our knowledge of developing and implementing green recycling.

Complete gutting concept

Drawing up of an all-encompassing, eco-friendly concept for either complete gutting or selective deconstruction


Removal of all fixtures, dismantling of the building down to its shell and clearance of harmful substances:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Floors (including screed)
  • Suspended ceilings
  • solid and light interior partitions
  • Building technologies

Structural works

Lindner deconstruction and gutting combines all the named measures into an optimal conversion programme for a property, including all necessary building shell measures with core drilling and concrete cutting.

Deconstruction during ongoing business

Deconstruction during ongoing business is a matter of trust. Besides drawing up of a detailed schedule according to your requirements, we provide maximum safety for protection of all building users. Minimum restriction of use is guaranteed by a successive gutting.

Lindner General Contracting

After a successful guttin Lindner offers you a smooth transition from deconstruction to interior fit-out. Our longstanding experience and expertise enables the connection of gutting and » General Contracting without interfaces.

Sustainable deconstruction

An important issue at deconstruction is the recycling of used building and office materials. Reusable parts like doors, desks or shelfs are not just disposed, but if procurable, given to non-profit an social institutions.

Construction materials, that have no reuse purpose, are divided to the highest varietal purity. This guarantees maximum material yield with a material recycling quota of up to 98% at a minimal amount of construction waste.


Deconstruction and Gutting
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