Lindner Cube Room-in-Room System

The Room-in-Room System Lindner Cube makes it possible to organise rooms exactly as you wish. Lindner Cube is a self-contained, self-standing room system offering maximum flexibility and creative freedom.

The Lindner Cube Room-in-Room System can be moved as a whole unit, thus adapting itself completely to changes in work requirements and room layouts. Lindner single- and double glazed, metal or timber partitions can be used in any combination as walls for Lindner Cube. The ceiling is made of perforated metal ceiling panels to improve sound absorption.

Additionally LEDs can be integrated into the ceiling panels, unobtrusively lighting the room.

If required Lindner Cube Room-in-Room System can be equipped with heating and cooling technology within the ceiling and walls, independent from the surrounding rooms.

The system can be combined with specially matched hinge doors or sliding doors. The options for length, width and height, as well as layout of the Lindner Cube Room-in-Room System, are infinite. The room can be constructed either as a completely closed unit or open on one side.

With the Lindner Cube Room-in-Room System an inspiring place of quiet, concentration and productiveness can be created in every open-plan office.

Lindner Cube

Description: Room-in-room system, installed independently from its surroundings and working completely self-sufficient thanks to its flush mount ventilation and lighting equipment  
Fire protection: F0  
Sound insulation: Depending on used wall, door, ceiling systems and other technical features  


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