Floor Systems

For Concert Halls and Theatre buildings Lindner has developed a special raised floor system which is made for all levels of application.

The construction of tiered levels in concert halls is always a challenge. We consolidated our experiences from numerous international projects into the development of FLOOR and more® arena.

Largely prefabricated but likewise extremely flexible – this floor system is a match for every challenge. The basis of the planks is calcium sulphate, mostly covered with parquet. Acoustically effective and preventing any drum effect when walking.

FLOOR and more® arena adjusts itself to every type of installation, whether the subfloor is level, sloping or stepped.

Floor Systems

FLOOR and more® arena

Substructure: Lindner steel construction
Substrate: Calcium sulphate panels (Floor and more® arena)
Surface: Variant surface materials are possible
(e.g. parquet, carpet or stone)
Characteristics: Especially made for tiered levels, whether the subfloor is level, sloping or stepped, quick to install,
acoustically effective: preventing any drum effect