Our Values

I am honest.

“Honesty and sincerity are the basis for my behaviour and communication. This also applies to conflict situations, even if that means a disadvantage for me at first glance. I always behave morally correct.“

I am open.

“I inform comprehensively and not only about topics that serve my own aims. I keep my colleagues up-to-date and immediately pass on important information. I directly ask my colleagues, instead of assuming things. I am open to innovations and willing to share my knowledge.”

I say what I expect.

“I clearly communicate my expectations. I ensure that my colleagues exactly understand what I mean, require or expect. I friendly point out, if I didn’t get what I expected.“

I am disciplined.

“I am a reliable partner. I follow the agreed regulations and behave professionally. I act as a role model and keep my promises. I am part of the Lindner Group and represent this internal and external with full conviction.“

I stand up for common aims.

“I contribute to the continuous growth and success of the Lindner Group. I stand for loyalty and commitment. In addition to my personal interests, I also pay attention to the needs of my colleagues. I gladly take over inter-divisional, -sectoral or -company tasks and actively live the service conception.“

I respect my colleagues.

“I respect all people – their language, origin and culture. This enriching diversity brings new perspectives into my life and work and promotes innovations. I try to understand my colleagues positions and appreciate their effort to do the same.“

I trust my colleagues.

“I trust in the skills of my colleagues and therefore accept and support their decisions. I approach my colleagues and provide them with the trust they needs in order to be successful.”

I share success with my colleagues.

“I recognise the value and importance of teamwork in order to achieve our aims. I support my colleagues and provide them assistance in realising their ideas; because I benefit from this success too. I enjoy working in an innovative and successful environment.“

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