Steel and Glass

Lindner Steel & Glass (LSG) ist a specialised division of Lindner Building Envelope GmbH.

Core business

Lindner Steel & Glass (LSG) specialises in complex steel, membrane and glass structures. We provide a full design, supply and installation service and therefore strengthen the existing service portfolio of the Lindner Building Envelope GmbH. Whether it involves three-dimensional free-form surfaces, efficient spatial frameworks and cable structures, curved membrane structures, or extraordinary glass constructions – we turn your complex design into reality.

Unser Service

LSG is a client-orientated business. We understand and know, how crucial a close customer-relationship is, to ensure a successful project execution. We listen to our clients' needs and present solutions suited to them. The possibilities for combining variable structures with almost all types of building envelopes (e.g. photovoltaic modules, curved glass, stone composite panels, or slats) are virtually unlimited. Our experienced engineers are capable of determining the technical feasibility of any type of structure at an early stage of the project.

Quality and training

Our office is located in Dettelbach, near Wurzburg. All of our employees at LSG have a profound engineering knowledge. Furthermore, we fully support and encourage training and development and participate in the German apprenticeship scheme. 

Steel and Glass

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