Accessible Interior Fit-out

Thinking about Tomorrow Today

Demographic change is considered as one of the central challenges of humanity – as we are living longer, we need environments that meet the demands of people with disabilities. This is why accessible construction is becoming increasingly important in homes and public spaces. With us by your side, you can create a barrier-free interior fit-out that is fully accessible to the following groups of people:

  • individuals with visual and/or hearing impairments
  • elderly people with or without walking aids
  • people with small children (e.g. prams) or children themselves
  • people with physical and/or motor impairments, e.g. wheelchair users

However, a certain degree of accessibility is desirable for everyone: It increases comfort and at the same time the value of the building, so that the so-called "Design for All" is also profitable in economic terms. In addition, all buildings commissioned by federal government agencies must be accessible according to legal requirements.


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But How Does the Perfect Accessible Interior Fit-out Look Like?

By paying attention to certain details, it is easy to create a wheelchair-accessible and disability-friendly construction – for example, by incorporating zero threshold entrances, easy reachability of important objects and doors wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, walking aids, and strollers. Many Lindner products are inherently barrier-free: Our floor systems and room-in-room systems, for example, are always threshold-free. Of course, we also offer all other system products in an accessible version – whether for hotels, offices, airports or public buildings. We tailor our products to your specific requirements and the DIN 18040 standard.