Lean Construction Management

Foresighted, Cooperative, Reliable

We stick to deadlines. To achieve this, we have to pull out all the stops ‒ but not at the same time. By applying Lean Construction Management on site, we uncover waste step by step and eliminate it. Therefore, we achieve impressive results: Trouble-free installation processes, optimised execution quality and higher deadline and cost reliability are just a few of them.

Great work begins with great plans ‒ thus, we ensure that our plans are always made in collaboration with  all involved clients, planners and contractors during a joint planning session taking place a few weeks before construction starts. With the start of assembly, a continuous cycle with well thought-out process steps begins ‒ this is coordinated to the complexity of the construction task, the upstream and downstream trades, the time specifications as well as the logistical, spatial and other framework conditions. To regularly monitor the project progress, we always start our weeks with prewievs and daily cycle meetings. Thanks to clear structures, value-added-oriented processes and efficient cycle planning, we create the best conditions for the site team to focus on their work and achieve outstanding results. 

Lean Construction Management

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Building Hand in Hand

The prejudice that construction site management is always analogue and follows the same (sometimes chaotic) pattern has long been outdated ‒ nowadays, construction management can definitely be agile, collaborative and digital. Therefore, we apply the so-called Lean Management ‒ first used in the automotive industry ‒ to the construction industry: Lean Construction Management stands for a closely timed, efficient construction process in collaboration with all stakeholders.