Upholding our slogan “Building new solutions”, we are not only creating individual designs for each project but also investigate how to integrate modern technologies in our facades and also develop new concepts and solutions.

Brunkeberg System

This complete new curtain wall system was developed by Brunkeberg Systems AB together with Lindner as design and manufacturing partner. Included rails to the curtain wall enable a faster and safer installation process, comfortable lifting of site material and furniture as well as automated cleaning – for new built and recladding projects!

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UHPC Facade

Lindner UHPC Facade is a patented brand-new façade system with casted profiles out of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) which can be utilized both for internal and external facades. As the UHPC material can be brought into nearly any shape, optical effects such as oriental ornaments in the mullions and transoms are possible to be created, for example at lobby and iconic entrance areas.

Our innovative profile connection system enables not only straight but also dome-shaped and overhead constructions, whereas the glass fixing with pressure and cover plates or toggle systems can be compared to conventional stick systems. As a result all structural and physical requirements can be achieved trouble-free. 

Solar and PV integration

As energy consumptions in big cities is high but space is very rare and fossil energy sources are more and more replaced by renewable solutions, the integration of solar and photovoltaics into high rise building facades is an alternative worth being considered. Lindner already carried out several projects with solar panels integrated in the building envelope.