“Nothing is as constant as change.” And that is a good thing. For us, it is self-evident to recognise a chance in change and to be proactive in shaping positive changes. Lindner has further developed authentically over the course of more than 50 years, has perceived and implemented impulses at an early stage and aligned itself always new to the legal and social framework. We have listened to our customers and made their wishes possible. Always under the premise of finding solutions that create Add.Vantage for people and the environment.


Knowledge makes the difference

“The right information at the right time in the right place.” Digital building models, uniform standards and material information, which are retrievable at any time in a common data pool, can increase the efficiency of a project´s realisation from the very first planning stages. The similar is the case during the execution, where the use of Lean methods helps the construction teams of Lindner Group to be best prepared for the requirements of modern construction sites through the development of integral work processes and efficient installation procedures.


Something new from time to time

Innovation cycles are getting shorter and shorter, digital transformation sets the pace. Employees should not only think proactively, but also face new challenges with agility and joy. Similarly, modern buildings and rooms should be designed as flexible as possible to respond quicker to new situations and requirements. Significant factors are not only time and money but also the increasing scarcity of resources calling for new approaches and technologies. Therefore, the use of recyclable or reusable materials and products that can be reinstalled quickly and easily whenever necessary is becoming increasingly important. Such as the system products of Lindner.


Workshop for the knowledge-based society

We develop solutions for modern and sustainable working environments that convince companies and employees equally. Solutions that allow creativity and exchanging knowledge while successfully managing the challenge of an economic and efficient use of space. Extensive workshops in advance guarantee a room concept that is perfectly adapted to all usage requirements. Well-considered structuring of the spaces allows the coexistence of creative areas and zoned retreats to ensure concentrated work.

Security of Investment

Always one step ahead with security

Lindner is a healthy company. In all respects. As a strong, medium-sized family business, we are financially independent. With our own financing packages, you get the necessary security and creative freedom for the property of your choice. At Lindner, you can commission selected construction products and building services or even entire buildings and then lease it for a definite useful life or to finance it with us at a fixed interest rate. In addition, we offer a unique redemption option for our recyclable products.

Future Orientation

It is time to think ahead

With the continuing digitalisation, it is also time for the construction industry to reinvent itself. The challenge lies particularly in finding new approaches, preserving fundamental values and conserving the treasures of nature. We want to push and establish technical innovations and sophisticated concepts that have a positive ecological and social impact. We seek to understand and implement accurately our customer’s demands with common sense and practical solutions, with efficient products and agile working methods to ultimately provide Add.Vantage and “Rethink Spaces”.


Sustainability in Detail

  • Circular Economy
  • Material Healthiness
  • Climate Protection
  • Resource Preservation
  • Social Responsibility

Healthiness in Detail

  • Visual Comfort
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Security
  • Acoustics

Adaptability in Detail

  • Transparency
  • Creativity
  • Security of Investment
  • Flexibility
  • Future Orientation