Health comprises a number of different aspects. The personal perception and the physical constitution are usually paramount and are seen in connection with external factors such as particulate matter in large cities, nitrate pollution in the water or residues in food etc. It may also occur that materials and (harmful) substances have a negative effect on us in our “own home”. Therefore, Lindner already puts great attention to its development and production for the selection of low-emission and safe raw materials, followed by careful production and clean installation conditions. In addition, you receive considered response to questions about healthier interiors during the design and planning process, including better acoustics, indoor climate, illumination as well as the execution within predefined costs and timelines. Because health is our most precious asset.

This applies to our colleagues and partners as well as to the people who use our rooms.

Visual Comfort

Best view included

The effect of light on physical and mental health is well known. Therefore, the optimal lighting on the workplace takes a considerable influence to employee satisfaction and productivity. A transparent interior design supports the spreading of daylight into all corners of the office space. However, if this is not feasible, our specialists will find perfectly balanced lighting solutions for every workplace. From the free-standing luminaire to pendant lights to luminous ceilings – we ensure an appropriate illumination of the workplace day and night.


More security in every space

Security is also an encompassing, multifaceted topic in the building sector. Starting with statics and flawless structural design through safe building technology and fire-proof interior fit-out to earthquake-proof solutions and products that have to endure in environments with high security risks. As a full-service provider with an interdisciplinary department for research and development, we not only create suitable product solutions, but we are also able to implement them professionally for all building classes.

Thermal Comfort

Optimal both in summer and winter

Neither too cold nor too warm, the air not too dry or too moist and just no drafts! No wishful thinking, but the basic thermal conditions that create a pleasant, productivity-enhancing and efficient environment. With countless combinations and integration possibilities in ceiling, floor and partition systems our heating and cooling systems ensure optimal thermal comfort and provide tailor-made and energy-saving air conditioning for every construction project.

Indoor Air Quality

Time to breathe deeply

90 % of our time is spent indoors. Poor air cannot only spoil our mood. Indoor climatic conditions, especially temperature, air exchange and relative air humidity as well as “hidden irritations”, as may be caused by contaminated construction products and materials or increased CO2 values, for example, affect the well-being. With all construction projects and products, we set the highest standards to ourselves. It goes without saying for us not only to adhere to the given emission values, but to remain below the limits.


Turn off noise - turn on health

As extensive as the sound requirements are depending on the use of space, just as different are the individual wishes of the customers. With configurable products and an own specialist department for room and building acoustics, Lindner develops practical acoustics concepts and implements them across all trades. Thanks to clever acoustic configuration, structuring and equipment, office spaces can be created that enable a self-sufficient and focused working as well as working creatively in a team across the board. An alleged contradiction as an experienced Add.Vantage. The same principle of dedicated planning and implementation for acoustics applies to all other kinds of spaces.


Sustainability in Detail

  • Circular Economy
  • Material Healthiness
  • Climate Protection
  • Resource Preservation
  • Social Responsibility

Healthiness in Detail

  • Visual Comfort
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Security
  • Acoustics

Adaptability in Detail

  • Transparency
  • Creativity
  • Security of Investment
  • Flexibility
  • Future Orientation