Groszer Wein GmbH

Eisenberg’s wine with character

In October 2020, a small, fine vineyard has enriched the Lindner Group. "Groszer Wein" has set itself the goal of bottling the Eisenberg in Southern Burgenland with its unique terroir. Vinifying wines that carry the aroma of their origin, created for modern open-minded wine lovers.

The region: Saybritz, Szapary, Hummergraben, Königsberg, Croatian Ried - the vineyards where "Groszer Wein" grows are among the best vineyards on the Eisenberg. The dramatic hill country of the Eisenberg combines a special climate and an ingenious soil structure, containing slate with iron inclusions and clay under a thin layer of humus. Vines grow here on average 25 years and dig their roots deep into the soil. The winegrowing region Eisenberg itself is the greatest asset and provides the basis for incredible wines. It is led by Markus Bach and Edgar Brutler with their team, making Groszer wines devoted to nonchalance.

  • Year of foundation: 1992 as a merger of several winegrowers, 2002 as an independent vineyard 
  • Number of employees: 1-10 employees


Groszer Wein GmbH

Burg 95
7473 Österreich