Tirana Business Park Sh.p.k.

The Place to Be for Business in Albania

Tirana Business Park (TBP) is the largest private German real estate investment in Tirana/ Albania. It is located nearby the International Airport “Mother Theresa” on an area of 22 ha. This ambitious project is being developed by the Lindner Group.

By 2022, 17 buildings will be erected, with a total built up area of approx. 176,500 sqm and 3,600 parking spaces. TBP is divided in two main areas: PDA (Project Development Area) and RA (Resale Area), each of them 110,000 sqm in size. 

PDA is dedicated to offices, retail space, commercial areas, shops, food, storage, internal and external parking spaces and supporting services while the Resale Area will serve to any demand arising, meaning that it is an area to be tailored to the needs of TBP’s customers. It represents a genuine concept of urbanism, architecture, landscape, traffic, and infrastructure for a premium business activity. At TBP sustainable architecture blends with nature, thus bringing positive impact on users’ work-life balance; at the same time, high priority is given to the service provided and the premise facilities and flexibilities.

The first construction phase includes three buildings with a gross floor area of approx. 39,000 sqm.

  • Year of foundation: 2015
  • Number of employees: 11-50 employees


Tirana Business Park Sh.p.k.

Rinas Road, Building 07, Core 2, Unit 1