Social Involvement

Social involvement is paramount for Lindner. We want to help people in need quickly and efficiently - whether they live in Arnstorf or in any other place in the world. In addition, we lay great emphasis on creating jobs and stimulating the economy in our rural home area.

Hans Lindner, the company founder, decided to establish two charitable foundations, which operate under the umbrella of the Hans Lindner Stiftung since 2011, to express his gratitude for the remarkable development the Lindner Group has made since 1965.

Social foundation

  • 1991 Establishment of the Hans Lindner Foundation as a charitable and non-profit making foundation, recognised by the Bavarian State Government
  • Parkwohnstift Multigenerational Home in Arnstorf
  • "Schatzkiste" day nursery
  • Arnstorfer "Tafel"
  • Independent foundation in Satu Mare, Romania (Fundatia Hans Lindner) for children, young people and people setting up new businesses
  • Independent foundation in Kampala, Uganda (Lindner Foundation Uganda) for orphans and neglected children
  • Support for people who have fallen on hard times, especially employees and former employees of the Lindner Group

Business start-ups

  • 1998 Foundation of the Hans Lindner Institut as a non-profitmaking foundation, recognised by the Bavarian State Government
  • Advice, care and support of people setting up new businesses
  • Qualification offer for people setting up new businesses in Eastern Bavaria
  • Further education and training at colleges and universities
  • Chair for Foundation Management and Entrepreneurship at the Deggendorf University, based at the university Campus Schloss Mariakirchen 


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