FIREwood Composite Fire Protection Products

Your safe choice in case of fire.

This product group has already completed its baptism by fire. In theatres, at major airports, in schools or at event halls: Lindner has the right product for you. The aim was to develop a product that can be used in all areas in which the building law requires non-flammable or flame-retardant substances. They combine high visible and tangible quality with outstanding functional properties.

FIREwood – Composite real wood veneered A2 and B1 panels

Lindner FIREwood are gypsum fibre-reinforced composite panels with real wood veneer for cladding applications, which meet the highest aesthetic, fire protection and acoustic requirements. Their transparently varnished surface preserves the natural character of the real wood veneer. In addition, FIREwood is highly rigid, can be processed easily and is a biologically neutral building product.

As an A2 "non-flammable" building product – tested as composite panel to DIN 4102-1 – FIREwood A2 classic has top-rate fire behaviour and does not transmit fires. FIREwood B1, also tested as composite panel, is available for areas with building law requirement "flame-retardant".

The perforated or slotted FIREwood acoustic panels make for outstanding acoustics in your room.

FIREwood panels can be mounted in standardised substructures.
The corresponding Lindner standard systems have been used in many interior fit-out projects and, thanks to continuous research, technically enhanced over the years.

FIREwood was primarily developed to clad walls in escape and rescue routes, stairways and large public meeting places.

A building regulations test certificate (AbP) ensures the usability of all executed products. This certificate is also approved by the Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Companies (VKF) in Switzerland.

FIREwood A2 classic / B1

  • FIREwood A2 classic: The classic - with or without side veneer
  • FIREwood B1

FIREwood acoustic with colouredcarrier panel (perforated)

  • FIREwood A2 classic acoustic: Grooves or perforation ensure the acoustic effect of this non-flammable panel
  • FIREwood B1 acoustic: Perforated fire-retardant panel
  • FIREwood B1 Makustik Micro perforated FM: Micro perforation (d = 0.5 mm) preserves the natural wood surface