COMP+ Lightweight Products

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Lindner lightweight products have been designed for interior fit-out in buildings and on ships. They combine high visible and tangible quality with outstanding functional properties.

COMP+ Lightweight Panels for Walls and Ceilings

The COMP+ sandwich panels boast lightness, stability and high-quality finish. Being extremely light and highly rigid, the panels make for totally even surfaces. As a composite material, COMP+ is ideal for specialist interior fit-out, such as large-scale building elements. New design possibilities open up with the option to execute wall and ceiling cladding not just as different surfaces but also as geometric and free forms.

The option COMP+ acoustic uses its micro perforated panels to fulfil acoustic requirements and offers a choice of veneered or varnished surfaces.

COMP+ also can be applied as a stable, easy-to-install shell, such as for curved column cladding.


  • Aluminium top layer with homogeneous, varnished surface
  • available colours based on the RAL and NCS card as well as special and effect lacquer


  • Aluminium top layers with real wood veneered surface
  • all types of wood and all typical wooden surfaces finishes


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