On the right way.

Orientation systems must establish a clear, understandable communication to travelers in order to ensure orientation in an optimum way. For this to be successfully achieved, modern way-finding systems include all aspects of writing, icons and arrows to render orientation to all non-locals as easy as possible. However, orientation systems not only have to be highly functional, their design has to be simultaneously appealing for visitors who do not know their way around, fit into the overall image of the environment and match the prevailing cultural identity.

In cooperation with our partners Billings Jackson Design and City ID, Lindner offers the implementation of all of the above-mentioned aspects. Billings Jackson Design is an architectural firm specializing in industrial design in the field of transport and urban infrastructure. City ID developes guidance systems and transport information solutions with a unique design to people movement and noteworthy places to unite. Together with these partners Lindner realizes high quality systems for orientation to comply with the highest standards of both design and function.

Depending on the location, whether in subway stations, airports or simply in an urban environment, our solutions cope with the prevailing influences such as wind loads, moisture or electrical protection with backlit signs. Through many years of experience on major infrastructure projects around the world, we offer a wide range of wayfinding systems - from simple signage to highly functional displays at airports with integrated cooling and ventilation elements.