Room and Building Acoustics

Sound regulated by the acoustic specialists

Lindner has more than 50 years of experience in enhancing acoustics for interior fit-outs. Today, acoustics and sound protection are recognized worldwide as key quality factors for new constructions and building renovations. Project requirements are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and they depend on the purpose of the building, its physical shape, and the type of construction required. 

In order to solve acoustical challenges for our clients, a specialist Room and Building Acoustics team has been established within the Research and Development division. 

As a manufacturer of versatile and highly adaptable building products, Lindner can develop and install practical acoustic concepts across all trades. Sometimes a special approach is required, such as for open-plan offices, concert halls and lecture halls. In these cases, we are happy to create unique solutions for our clients.

For all our projects, we calculate, design and test in accordance with the latest rules and regulations set by DIN, EN, ISO and ASTM.

Building acoustics

  • assessment of building components for shell construction, building services, facade construction and interior fit-outs
  • calculation of airborne and impact sound insulation and sound transmission throughout the building
  • evaluation and improvement of outside noise levels
  • consultation for and supervision of projects with special acoustic requirements

Room acoustics

  • calculation of room acoustic parameters
  • calculation of room reverberation times 
  • consultation for improving the acoustics in rooms of any size or purpose: offices, meeting rooms, concert halls, auditoriums, multi-purpose rooms, recording and play-back studios, classrooms, hotel suites, patient treatment rooms, among others.

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  • bespoke solutions for individual products and rooms 
  • cooperation with ISO / ICE 17025 accredited testing institutes to verify laboratory and on-site practices for building and room acoustics
  • wealth of experience in planning and implementing acoustic solutions 
  • first-class construction with acoustics in mind, such as for studios, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, work environments and offices