LMD-E 216 M

Hook-On/Corridor Ceiling

LMD-E 216 M
LMD-E 216 M
LMD-E 216 M

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Cruise Liner and Ship Fit-out


Design: Aluminium, Digital Print, Perforation, Powder Coating, Steel
Acoustics: Room Acoustics
Corrosion Protection: Interiors

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Product description

Hook-On Ceiling with butt joint – concealed supporting profiles, removable panels. The substructure for LMD-E 216 M makes installation easy. The design of the short sides of the panel and the construction of the profile automatically ensure joint alignment during installation. All panels can be removed without the need for any tools.

  • a range of ceiling panel sizes and shapes, such as rectangular, square, trapezoidal, triangular, as well as curved
  • easily accessible ceiling cavity
  • wide selection of surface options