LMD-E 312 M B15-A30

Hook-On/Corridor Ceiling

LMD-E 312 M B15-A30
LMD-E 312 M B15-A30
LMD-E 312 M B15-A30
LMD-E 312 M B15-A30

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Cruise Liner and Ship Fit-out


Design: Powder Coating, Steel
Climatic Regulation: Thermal Insulation
Corrosion Protection: Interiors
Fire Protection: Fire Resistance

Technical Data

Fire Protection



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Product description

Our LMD-E 312 M system meets the increased fire protection requirements in shipbuilding. With its large-scale elements and jointless panel connections, this IMO-tested fire protection ceiling can span up to 1,500 mm and create an especially homogeneous ceiling surface. 

The individual ceiling panels can be dismantled separately without tools saving operation time and reducing costs. The standard panel width of 600 mm provides spacious access to the ceiling cavity without separate access hatches. The prefabricated panels are attached easily and quickly, particularly during the final stage of shipbuilding which is often a key benefit.

  • fire protection class B15-A30  
  • panels 600 mm in width  
  • no tools required ro remove/remount the ceiling -panels  
  • no need for inspection hatches  
  • fast installation of the panels