LMD F30-A/AB - Swing-Down-Slide

Suspended Fireproof Ceiling

LMD F30-A/AB - Swing-Down-Slide
LMD F30-A/AB - Swing-Down-Slide

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Healthcare: Clean Rooms (Medical Technology and Pharmacy), Clinics and Hospitals, Laboratories
Industry: Clean Rooms (Production), Laboratories and Research Facilities
Public Areas: Escape Routes
Workplace: Data Centres, Utility Rooms
Education: Research Rooms
Recreation and Culture: Places of Assembly
Hotels and Gastronomy: Hotels and Resorts
Public Institutions


Design: Perforation, Powder Coating, Steel
Fire Protection: Fire Behaviour / Building Material Class, Fire Resistance, Smoke Protection
Acoustics: Room Acoustics, Airborne Sound Reduction
Corrosion Protection: Interiors
Sustainability: Environmental Product Declaration


Technical Data


Fire Protection

Corrosion Protection


Additional Equipment


Product description

The ceiling elements – with or without mineral wool – are positioned in G-profiles. They can be individually swung down and slid by means of a dismantling tool – no additional ceiling void is necessary. Up to three ceiling elements can be moved together to receive a large inspection opening. Thanks to an adjustable wall connection, an excellent compensation of tolerances on the wall in possible. Stable hinging hooks offer maximum security against unintended lifting – lockable elements are available for areas with increased safety requirements.

  • freely spanned construction
  • very good compensation of tolerances on the wall is possible due to an adjustable wall connection
  • maintenance option due to ceiling elements that can be individually operated, swung down and slid
  • swung down ceiling elements can be moved together to receive a large inspection opening (max. 3)
  • no additional ceiling void is necessary for maintenance works
  • lockable version available for safety areas