Accessories for clean room ceilings

Perfectly matched.

As accessories for our clean room ceiling systems, we offer optimally matched installation components, which are often indispensable for the operation and maintenance of a clean room. These include tightly closing inspection flaps, air vent openings and railings for walkable ceiling system.

Fall Protection / Railing

Railing for walkable clean room ceilings for fall protection at free ends of ceilings or at the transition from walk-on areas to areas that cannot be walked on. Fixing of the guard-railing posts by means of a statically tested substructure to the grid of the ceiling system.

Air Vent Opening

Cleanroom-compatible Air Outlet Hatch with magnetic closure and gas pressure dampers, integrated in a metal ceiling plate / metal cassette.

Inspection Flap

Inspection Hatch for flush installation, integrated into a metal panel/ceiling panel. With spring snap locks, circumferential additional gasket, and cleanroom-compatible sealed corners to achieve a high level of air-tightness.