Line 55A

Walkable Ceiling System with Small Profile Width

Line 55A
Line 55A
Line 55A

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Healthcare: Clean Rooms, Laboratories, Operating Theatres, Pharmacies (Production)
Industry: Clean Rooms, Laboratories and Research Facilities
Education: Research Rooms


Hygiene: Antibacterially disinfectable, Cleanable by vacuuming, Virucide disinfectable, Wipeable
Design: Aluminium, Powder Coating, Steel
Corrosion Protection: Interiors
Statics: Walkability

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Product description

Grid system

The aluminium grid system Line 55A is ideal for use in sterile areas where flush mountings, a minimum number of joints and walkability and simultaneously low visible width are the most important features of a ceiling. An innovative connection between main and intermediary profiles makes this an ideal system.

  • GMP-compliant  
  • profiles only 55 mm wide  
  • walkable version available