LED Surface-Mounted Light


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Healthcare: Clean Rooms, Laboratories, Pharmacies (Production)
Industry: Clean Rooms, Laboratories and Research Facilities
Education: Research Rooms


Design: Powder Coating, Steel
Corrosion Protection: Interiors

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Product description

Either as individual lights or for light-band adjustment, these lights are well suited for use in Laminar-Flow- Clean Rooms. Assembly is similar to that for surface-mounted lights in a ceiling grid. The lighting channel is made of sheet steel with a white powder coating. The light diffuser with interior light-reflecting longitudinal grooves is held in place with overlapping end caps made of profiled die-cast aluminium. These end caps can be removed by being pulled downwards and are held in place either with springs or, as in the case of IP54, with screws in the lighting channel, enabling easy replacement of the lamp and avoiding the need for tools.

  • high-end LED lighting technology
  • GMP-compliant design
  • degree of protection IP40 or IP54
  • low height